Launches User Dashboard and PlutButton Game.

Monitor your staking asset via the Pluto user Dashboard and win big while you play the plutButton game, isn’t that awesome !

User Dashboard

The Plut User Dashboard is where users who staked in any of our previous staking products can check their staking info and analytics in real time! users can connect their wallets used in Plutos staking, to be able to see the real-time data and info including TLV, Maturity Time, Staked amount etc. This is made for our users who staked PLUT tokens to better manage their stakings.

You can visit the link below to try it out.

PlutButton Game

The PlutButton is a new fun features by the plutos network to kep her users busy and entertained and still win awesome gifts for playing and having fun!

PlutButton is an easy-to-play game for all PLUT holders to have fun and win BIG! Users can deposit a minimum amount of 1 PLUT (2 PLUT is the default setting) in order to press the button for one time, by doing so, it will be adding that amount of PLUT tokens into the Prize Pool (initial Prize Pool is 1,000 PLUT and the size of Prize Pool will increase each time a user play). The LAST person who presses the button will walk away with 90% of the total prize pool and the rest 10% will be paid to our developer. Exciting right?!

Visit and play!

Detailed Rules:
1. A minimum of 1 PLUT (default is 2 PLUT, you can change in settings) is required to press the Button ONCE and that amount of PLUT tokens will be added to the reward pool.
2. Each press (default 2 PLUT) of the button will reset the timer to 450x2=900 blocks (~22.5x2=45 minutes since 1 block is approx 3s) and the last person who presses the Button with no one else pressing will walk away with 90% of the total PLUT pool. The remaining 10% is paid to the developer.
3. Each press will reduce the reset timer by 1 block until the minimum of reset timer is 4 blocks (which is about 12s).Please note that the timer shown in the dapp is only approximated time only due to each block is not exactly 3s, sometimes it is faster or slower than 3s.

With Pluto Network, you are sure and certained to that your assets are safe and secured and our live user dashboard is there to help you monitor your staked assets as you play with the PlutButton, having fun and winning big.

Who else does it better, Plutos Network!

About Plutos Network

Plutos Network is a multi-chain synthetic issuance & derivative trading platform which introduces mining incentives and staking rewards to users. By integrating blockchains such as Solana, Polkadot, and BSC, enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading, Plutos Network is to offer users synthetic issuance and trading services for a wide range of synthetic products which are sustainable, profitable, and disruptive to the traditional derivative market.

John Joseph