Pluto Network Synthetic System

What is Peckshield, and what does their audit means?

“PeckShield was founded in 2018 by former Qihoo 360 Chief Scientist Xuxian Jiang, and major investors include Gaorong Capital. Team members are based in Hangzhou, Beijing, and San Francisco, and consist of seasoned security professionals and senior researchers from world-leading security groups at companies such as Qihoo 360, Microsoft, Intel, Juniper, and Alibaba, etc.
PeckShield has established strategic and long-term cooperations with key players in all areas of the blockchain ecosystem, such as blockchain infrastructure vendors, exchanges, crypto wallets, mining pools, DApp developers, as well as DeFi pioneers. We also attracted widespread attentions from the industry since we have, among other things, discovered issues such as Ethereum smart contract BatchOverflow loophole, been included in the recommended vendor list for smart contract security audit, and ranked Top 3 world wide in the Ethereum Bounty Program. With dozens of years experience and noted achievements in the area of vulnerability analysis, operating systems, and malware defense, PeckShield offers independent service brands such as DAppTotal and CoinHolmes, and provides security total solutions to all blockchain users”.

Source: Peckshield websites

The Pluto Network was audited by Peckshield and it was successful. With these, the Pluto Network is now ready to deploy her Synthetic system V1.0 for trading of derivatives and synthetic products and assets.

Peckshield score card

Congratulations @Team Pluto Network for the great feet achieved.

John Joseph






I am a Crypto enthusiasts, I write about Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, issues that requires attentions

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John Joseph

John Joseph

I am a Crypto enthusiasts, I write about Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies, issues that requires attentions

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