An Infographic of the general features of the Pluto Newtork

Re-imagine trading. A place for all imvestors.

Actually, the Plutos Network is hope of DeFi with all the great features that stands it out from all other noisy neighbors in the industry.

The derivative market has been erupted since the inception of the plutos market.

Below are the key features of the plutos network categorize in the infographic below.

About Pluto Network

Plutos Network is a multi-chain synthetic issuance & derivative trading platform which introduces mining incentives and Staking rewards to users. By integrating Blockchains such as Solana, Polkadot and BSC, enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading, Plutos Network is to offer users synthetic issuance and trading services for a wide range of synthetic products which are sustainable, profitable and disruptive to the traditional derivative market.

Plutos Network is a decentralized cross-chain derivative issuance and trading platform which provides infinite liquidity based on the schemes of Staking and Minting and leading Blockchains like Solana, Polkadot and BSC. With Plutos, all users can have access to synthetic assets from both traditional financial market and the crypto market. By enabling cross-chain and on-chain functionalities, Plutos will be able to deliver keynote features such as scalability, high interoperability, low cost of transactions, offering the perfect solution for current DeFi derivative market to difficulties and limitations such as high gas fee, low transaction speed, vulnerability of hacking such as flash loan etc.

If you are not part of this ecosystem, then I strongly recommend you take up your space kits, gear up and join the next space ship to the Moon where Plutos Network dwells.

John Joseph