Pluto Network

Decentralized Multi-Asset Collateral Pool

Supports the multi-asset collateral service in a permission-less and decentralized manner. Users can deposit the supported assets such as ETH and DAI to issue the synthetic assets such as bonds and earn the most high interests on deposits & borrowed assets. Plutos also offers the lowest Collateral Ratio (C-ratio), thanks to the DAO Governance mode, full-scale security measures.

What Is Collateral Ratio?

The collateral ratio is the percentage of a debt that’s secured by a discounted asset. This ratio is calculated by the collateral coverage ratio formula, which is the discounted collateral value divided by the total debt amount. The lower the ratio, the higher the risk for lenders; the higher the ratio, the lower the risk for lenders.

But fortunately, Pluto Network offers a lowest C ratio that makes the difference between them and others..

Watch out!

John Joseph


Pluto Network launches in three (3) days